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Is the thrill gone?

September 28, 2009

blogIcoThey say that blogging is dying… After reading this I thought this may well be true..  Many of my friends stopped writing anything. Only a few die-hard ones are still out there. I myself stopped writing for almost a year. My reasons though is not that I lost interest, I were busy and couldn’t found time first of all  :), I mean believe me really.

The reason for once-a-thrill now-dying blogs are wonderfully explained here. The author who wrote “Blogging is dying” refines the statement by saying the long tail of blogging is dying. He says “blogging isn’t easy. More precisely, other things are easier – and it’s to easier things that people are turning. Facebook’s success is built on the ease of doing everything in one place. (Search tools can’t index it to see who’s talking about what, which may be a benefit or a failing.) Twitter offers instant content and reaction. Writing a blog post is a lot harder than posting a status update, putting a funny link on someone’s Wall, or tweeting. People are still reading blogs, and other content. But for the creation of amateur content, their heyday for the wider population has, I think, already passed.”

May be the statement has some truth.. but lo… wait, if blogs are dying what about their predecessors, i  mean, user groups? Between the ninties and early 2000s there were a plethora of user groups such as usenet, yahoo groups, msn groups etc. Are they still functioning or fading out like blogs?

I have been in the internet for almost I can say 10 years. I have seen the busiest times of groups, then came the blogsUser-Group like tsunami waves. When blogs became the new web phenomina, it was almost felt that the days of user groups are gone. I were once member of groups like RayarKaapiKlub, Maraththadi etc.. They all went idle when the blog wave came into being. So can we conclude that its all twitters and facebook going forward and no more groups or blogs?

Definitely not, I am still following a number of yahoo and google groups. People still are thronging these groups. Blogs may be fading out but groups are not. May be the reason being, those who post in groups are sure that people are reading their posts and responding to it, whereas in blogs, unless one has a good web of friends, it would be like “Tea aathifying in an empty shop” (pardon by taminglish 🙂 ).

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