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Dr. Strangelove

January 4, 2009

I would say this is one of the best movie of all times. The way Stanley Kubrick portrayed the cold war times, with all the grotesque quirks of the two big nations and their leaders, its simply awesome. The film entirely runs a kind of dark satirical comedy that we may not be all laughing while watching it but the scenes are quite memorable.  The best thing about this movie is every line of dialogue is so perfectly carved.

Probably since it is an old movie,  the storyline is no big secret now.  In the movie, a U.S general due to minor flaw in the constitutional law, gets the ability to order an attack on the Soviet Russia. He does just that! Upon his orders, the U.S Bomber airplanes, about thirty of them, having nuclear bombs,  breach into Russian air space to drop bombs at various locations. Due to wartime rules, the bomber planes once launched on their mission cannot be easily stopped.  On knowing this, the U.S. President organises a meeting at the Pentagon. In there, with the help of Russian ambassador, discusses with the Russian President to stop the bomber. The entire movie is the sequence of happenings within about couple of hours during this crisis.

If we just read this story in a book, we could only imagine a nuclear war thriller. However its Kubrick’s brilliance, this story so perfectly transformed into a comedy.  In one scene, the Russian ambassador is invited inside the Pentagon War room. A US General,  goes on fighting with the ambassador accusing him that he is taking photograph’s of the war room. The US President then stops them saying “Gentlemen, you can’t fight here. This is War Room!”.  LOL! 🙂

The entire sequence of the US President speaking to the Russian President is worth watching. Luckily they have allowed this little video in youtube.   Take a look:

One would be surprised to see Peter Sellers (Yes, the Pink Panther) in three different roles, the US President being one of them and a military officer, and Dr. Strangelove being the other.  My favorite is the US President role than even the Dr. Strangelove in fact.

And one other character that was most talked about is the Slim Pickens, acting as a B52 Bomber pilot. His texan accent is quite humorous.  One particular scene of his, where he checks the emergency survival kit for air staff is one of the most talked about scenes.

All in all, its a masterpiece of one of the greatest movie directors of all time.   Movies like these are lessons that show it doesnt need huge sum of money to shoot a good classic movie.

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