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Dancing to the tune of softwares…

June 9, 2008

Would anyone sit on a chair that has a needle in the seating? Well, it feels like sitting on such a chair, while using some of the software apps. My friend used to ask me, why I look pissed off even while just sitting with the PC under the AC… Well you know what, reason is the softwares that I work on piss me off often. I heard Microsoft’s motto in making softwares is “Common things simple, Complex things possible…”… Well I would say this is no way near the truth -In theory, theory and practice are one and same – but in practice they are not isn’t it!

SK writes these annoying softwares are  “specimens of terror in digital form”. Well reading this made me shout “Yeah!”. He had listed 10 of those but I think few others are worth the mention. For example, what about MS Office… This one is the most irritating one.

After installing Office, try installing something else. Out pops the MSI installer. It won’t leave you easily. Each time you try to open a document the MSI installer will ask for the Office CD. There are quite a few like this in Office.  Open Excel, work with a few sheets and then close one of the worksheets… It would give you a warning “Do you save the changes?” – I would think this asks about the current worksheet and say “No” but I am made a fool – it closes all the worksheets without warning. 

And there is this infamous Windows updates. I am playing a game so vigorously… I am about to win… Suddenly all my graphics screens close and I am told that I should restart the system… What the heck? I say “No” and immediately in a few seconds it again pops and asks me to restart. Oh my God! I have no other way than to succumb to its autocratic ambitions.

Rather than enumerating my irritations, let me give this link. I came across a good collection of such annoying software behaviors and errors list here with funny and apt comments… 

I used to think there needs to be some standard universally especially on usability interfaces… There are some standards but alas… there is no standard for these standards… what to do?

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  1. Saravanan permalink
    June 9, 2008 9:00 pm

    Rather, “Pop-up” windows are standard of Microsoft. Think, if we work without those windows, I think we would mess up..though it is irritating us….

    Enjoy hitting those pop-ups……..

  2. Rajesh permalink
    June 10, 2008 7:52 pm

    Here is a way to turn off that automatic windows updates restart dialog in Windows XP:

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