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Baboo Anglais – Butler English!

May 29, 2008

I talk – we talk, middle middle why you talk?

This must be the ‘famousest’ one 🙂 The English when they were reigning over India employed natives for communication – These natives are often called as “Dwibhashis” – or twin-linguists – people who speak English and one or more native languages. These native people are learned ones and are supposed to speak a good standard English.

Besides these, there were other servants who accompanied the English who though don’t really know the English language but try hard to impress their masters by speaking the English language. Butlers or cooks often fondly called as ‘Baboo’s by the English during their reign over India, are famous for not only their culinary skills but also for their conversational dexterity, and so there was a dialect called butler english in India.

Here are some interesting ones:

” All of you keep quiet. Master sir is rotating outside… ”

” My uncle just passed away. You didn’t see him? ”

” Can you repeat again?”

” Open the windows. Let the climate come in.”

” Please close the fan!”

” That is what I appave toldu, Our sir will thideerly enter our room-nu”

Well, the list goes on amusingly…! You might want to read this to have a serious insight into this butler English. Now I suspect there isn’t much butler English in India but the English spoken in India is still the more interesting and has its own style :).

Who said the English they speak in Brittania is the pure and standard one… United States has already changed the color of it ain’t it?! Considering the English speaking population in the world, the puritans of the British isle are only a minority. Within the UK itself, there are different dialects and accents and the language they employ in BBC is no longer the same.

Though there are efforts to create a language anew for the whole world to communicate, the effectiveness of such efforts are meager and doubtful. Predominantly English as a language still rules! I would say, English as a language is not just popular only because of the British but the credit should also go to Americans as well.

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