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Reading trashy, pulp romance…

May 6, 2008

I am not really familiar with Mills & Boons novels until lately. As a coincidence I came across this article in Business Standard about M&B and its feasibility of possible readership in India. I have to agree with the author regarding the common passion in us for reading “trashy, pulp romance” (Oh no.. I swear I won’t really read Harold Robbins kind of stuff :).

I would even say that its these “trashy” novels are the ones that at times brings us to speed in reading. I am okay to read good five hours on a weekend sitting at my desk but I can’t stick with a single book. Many might agree, if reading is your hobby and not just for time pass, I am sure you might want to read more than one book at a time – and one of them would be a light, simple, fantacy/fictitious one, wouldn’t it?

I think M&B are whoever that comes to India, should go multilingual. As the author also points out, the sort of romance relationship between a Didi – Bhaiya may even be looked upon with disgust by ordinary readers, whereas there are innumerable sentiments such as soft romance, family, friendship etc. typically in a unique style pertaining to different places in India, that could catch up with Indian readers.

And the author of the article rightly says about the novel writers

Journalists, media/advertising/ publishing professionals may seem like the perfect M&B writers, but if you look at the original M&B’s line up, that fallacy lies exposed.

That brings me to remember the tamil novel series of “Malaimathi” etc where authors come out from the readers. These novels are a craze for me until now. Remember, even in this global age, Oriental sentiments are still different from the Occident 🙂

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