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In search of Idly Sambar…

April 23, 2008

I wanted to have the title as “In search of Idly vadai” but that would ostensibly associate the post with IdlyVadai ‘s blog – might raise spicy expectations 😉 . This post is not about such spicy stuff :). Actually I’ve been starved of our famous south Indian recipe – the Idly-sambar-vadai for over a month and today only I could get hold of a good meal of Idly – vadai – sambar punctuated with chutney – thanks to our collegue-friend; hence this post 🙂


People used to tell me – eating Idly is not good for health – fearing because of the Urad dal, we would get fatty. But who cares? Idly vadai is part of the cultural system of Tamil Nadu :). Even leaving out home and living abroad is not a big deal but leaving out our food does make a lot of deal.

There are about 15-20 varieties of Idly (including our Kushbu idly 🙂 ) – may be a search here might help. My interests are, Conjeevaram idly, Sambar idly etc. Even if we are suffering from stomach related problems, we can have idly without sambar of course – wouldn’t cause any harm. Also even in roadside shops, if unavoidable, the idly is better thing to eat – because it is boiled unlike other eateries which might be cooked with oil.

Last week I went to an Indian restaurant – they had idly – sambar etc in the menu; For 4 idlys with sambar, the cost is about four dollars – the guy who came with me almost fainted – he is a conversion junkie – always converting the dollars to indian money, poor guy 🙂

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  1. raja permalink
    September 15, 2008 9:15 pm

    Hi Srikanth,

    I was reading your blog ,then this post, after some search for cinesongs and raga etc. A small correction on the above post, sorry for being so picky but I am very health conscious and want to correct.
    In your post , everything is correct except that you described that urad dal is fatty. Not true. Actually it is protein. If you do exercises then urad dal is the one that helps you to build lean muscles . Rice part of idly is the carbohydrate if unspent, can become fat or block your arteries.

    Then Vadai is even more better but vadai contains so much oil (colostral) that it is very unhealthy. And if your calorie intake is well within the daily requirement (2500kcalories), then you donot have to worry about the rice part of idly.

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