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Nobody goes there, because its crowded!

February 5, 2008

This guy just says it cool, “Biya, nobody goes there – because it’s too crowded”… “Do you really mean it?”, I asked. “What do you mean by what I mean?” he retorted. I must be retarded to talk to this chap I thought. “Why on earth we are not able to find a hotel after all this time?” I begged. He replied “Because you wanted a star hotel!” and added “Biya, a star hotel is not in the stars! we will get there when we get there”. I kept quiet without raising voice and then there was no noice.

We had good two hours travel in heavy traffic and found a hotel by name Freeway. I gave him an angry look, but it must have looked funny to him. He smiled. I said, “see the time. Its 2:30 afternoon.”. He said “hell no, its 1:30”. I kicked myself – how come two watches be so different? Gong! We heard a big bell sound overhead and looked up. We were standing near a watch tower and it was showing 2:00. We shook our shoulders and moved inside the hotel.

Now the receptionist. She asked “Sir, do you have a business card?”. I gave mine. “Purpose of visit?” “I came for job interview”. She filled out the details and said “Do you want a single or double bed room?”. “A single would do. would it be spacious?”. “No big difference. In double bed room, you get Queen size bed”. I wanted to ask something but kept quiet and gave a “Oh I see..” look. We finished the formalities and this guy followed me. The lift was getting serviced and hence was out of service.

The service boy carried the luggage and we took the stairs. Up in the second floor, we both were gasping for breath due to carrying our weight. Inside the room, I switched on the TV and a minister was speaking “We need more engineers, scientists, doctors for the growth of this country. In this year, we would be increasing the college seats but the problem is we don’t yet have enough lecturers, professors and college staff”. I switched another news channel, which said “The NRIs earn a lot of money and send it back to India which has significantly contributed to the accumulation of Foreign Exchange reserve. This has brought down the exchange rates which would affect the NRIs”. I switched the TV off.

After lunch, we slept. In the evening, I got a call in my mobile. It was from the company for which I came to attend their interview. The lady who spoke to me said, due to some urgency the manager is not available and the interview is delayed. I said, I have come up from chennai all this far to attend the interview. She promised she would look into whatever is in her hands. After an hour, she called me back and said “The manager has only gone to Chennai, and he is ready to have the interview over the phone!”.

I put my hand on the head and sat down. This guy turned and said “hey, its disturbing, lower your voice!” and went to sound sleep!

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  1. sangs permalink
    February 5, 2008 1:11 pm

    LOL 😉 Man,this should be reimbursed by that company ! Don’t let them get away with it ! Btw,your header pics are really nice.where do you get them from ?

  2. February 5, 2008 3:45 pm

    Did u get my 3 mails ?

  3. February 5, 2008 9:56 pm

    @sangs: I think this is for my last post… anyway, yes I did fight with them. Thanks for the compliment on header pictures…

    @anshul: No anshul.. I didn’t receive your mails… must be lost in spam or something… Sorry yar… please resend again… 🙂

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