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Don’t laugh at me ‘cause I’m a fool

January 27, 2008


Norman Wisdom is a great comedian of style. Charlie Chaplin said once “Norman is my favourite clown”. Born on a small, middle-class family in England in 1912, he childhood fell between the first and second World wars. His parents divorced when he was nine. He had a small physical handicap as well. He did small jobs to earn his living. In World War II, he came to India as a soldier in British Army. After spending so much time in jobs like these, at the age of 31 he went on to act in movies. His hard work and humor sense led him to the top, that even Charlie Chaplin praised him.

After watching couple of movies of Norman Wisdom, I have become a fan of him. People say that, great tamil actors such as J.B. Chandra Babu, Sivaji et al, had shades of Norman’s style. This song below, reminds the famous J.B. Chandra Babu’s ‘Nanoru muttalunga’ song, isn’t it?

I’m not good-looking, I’m not too smart
I may be foolish but I’ve got a heart
I love the flowers, I love the sun
But when I try to love the girls
They laugh at me and run !

Don’t laugh at me ‘cause I’m a fool
I know it’s true, yes I’m a fool
No-one seems to care
I’d give the world to share my life with someone
Who really loves me
I see them all falling in love
But my lucky star hides up above
Someday maybe my star will smile on me
Don’t laugh at me ‘cause I’m a fool

If you come across any of his old movies in TV don’t miss!!

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  1. February 2, 2008 6:05 pm

    Hey…Nice video….Chandra babu dances well. How about this guy?

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