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Chasing Britney!

January 24, 2008

You want to be rich? You want to be a heartthrob? You want to grab the world? You want to rule? Not so fast… pal. Many desire to be on the light, center in the table. Some would even dream about being Britney… Famous and Rich. Alas, many don’t understand the karma of being Britney!

Lyrics here

This remix video of Briteny released few weeks before, lingers within the top 5 positions in UK top 10 music albums. Britney looks pissed off on this damn world in this video. Just last week, she was chased once again by papparazzi. While her public life is so much stressed, her personal life is also in chaos as the custody of her children are in dispute. She must be one hell of a woman to handle this stress!

Watching this video reminds me of so many things. Diana’s sad end due to the unrelenting papparazzi chase, immediately comes to mind. Britney herself is an admirer of Diana. She has even said sometime before explicitly that she and Diana share the same path, the same destiny…! Heaven forbid!

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