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SelfHelp #2 – Fighting anxiety

January 3, 2008

stage-fright.jpgIts all gets real tough before facing big events. Everytime I was about to face some audience I feel butterflies. I get tensed and bite all my nails out, scratch my head, cross my legs, squeeze my hands 🙂 To this day, I have attended so many meetings, so many job interviews, so many presentations… and yet every time before the event, I get tensed without fail. My friend used to say, the more you get tensed, the better the presentation is… May be he is telling me this out of friendship or something… 🙂

During my college days, I used keep playing without any fear of exams but on the day of the exam everything was in panic. I have lost count on how many times I dreamt of being late for trains, exams, interviews etc… Till this day, this habit has continues. Even though I am confident on myself, I always feel the fear. The moment I start out my presentation/my interview/my exam, I feel just home – all my tensions releaved – words keep flowing – but, just before that starting point I get myself crushed out of stress. I don’t know what type of syndrome this is.

Some people have this Monday syndrome – they will get panic on Monday morning! One of my friend goes to office on Sunday evenings just to avoid the panic on Monday morning yet he tells me he feels terrible in monday mornings.runninglate.jpg

In this post, I wanted to share with you people, about the way I have found to come out of this tension, stress, anxiety etc that happens few minutes or hours before performing big events. Its all the same technique they use in sports – running, wrestling, racing etc. In sports, just before the competition, people do a kind of mock trial, a test run. A short sprint would give us a good feel on the atmosphere isn’t it?

Same way, when I had to write something in the exam, just before that, I take a small paper – write whatever comes to mind. Just write it out of my mind – to my heart’s content. Once thats done, I read it once or twice. This somewhat releases all the tension.

When I had to do any presentation or interview, I know I have to talk to the audience. So first, I will drink some hot water which is preferable or normal water whichever is available. This clears the throat – believe me – if your voice is clean and loud – you would feel bold and confident. The second thing is the usual thing, the words that come to mind, the things that strike me, I write it out in a piece of paper and keep reading it. Believe it or not! it works – I loose my tension and I feel I know I can take up the task at hand quite easily.

So that’s that on the task of presenting something, let me ask you, how can you avoid sleeping during a meeting session?

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