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Modi Wins: Comedy time in news channels

December 23, 2007

BJP with Modi has won the elections for the fourth time. It is a tremendous achievement and people’s endorsement of his government. The so-called secular media themselves were doing campaign against Modi during the recent months heavily. All the national leaders of Congress including Sonia Gandhi made trips to Gujarat and yet they were clueless on what the voters were thinking.

Within BJP itself, Keshubai Patel and other factions were working against Modi. Vajpayee despite his generous stature, took sides and delayed in voicing for Modi. After all of this he has won! He should very well be congratulated for his one man show!

Election after election, the media have to wipe the shame on their face for not representing and communicating the reality – sentiments of the people. The same story has happened, once again in Gujarat election.

Look at the way the media projects Modi and BJP continuously every now and then – as communalists, fascists and hate-mongers etc… etc.. After the clear mandate for BJP from the people, they lick their own wounds by again coming up with umpteen reasons that include saying people have made a mistake – communalism has won and so on.

It’s kind of funny on watching the media reporters hide the failure of their ‘favorite agenda’, behind words – it feels like watching comedy program. Are they suggesting five and half crore people are idiots, communalists and fascists? They are only fooling themselves.

The media take themselves granted and think that they are the ones in command to teach the common man what he should think and do. Alas, the reality is not what they aspire it to be. It’s a pity that we the people all over India away from Gujarat had no way to understand from the media what the Gujratis actually think until the election results came. If we living in India ourselves are made to believe what media says about Modi, its no wonder the USA and other countries get played into the hands of media.

On Gujarat, I think it is Modi who won the election against congress and others including BJP’s factions. Over the years, BJP has become more like Congress and the difference between BJP and congress are quite blurring. BJP has lost its uniqueness and winning parliament election is only a mirage as far as they stand now. They have to introspect a lot from this election and learn from Modi.

At least after this Gujarat election, let us hope the media comes out of its limousine liberal mentality.

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