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SelfHelp #1 – Moodiness (conclusion)

December 19, 2007

Generally moodiness is induced when we are not able to react to any given particular situation in a befitting manner. The inability to react promptly causes mental stress and people get depressed. Brooding over a situation could well be one of the reasons for moodiness. Physically if we are wornout, tired it could also affect our concentration in other words the mind and thus we make too many stupid things, resulting in moodiness.

smiley.jpgApart from this, its kind of funny that I have realized, in fact sometimes, we wouldn’t have thought about some situation as bad but people nearby make us believe that something bad has happened and raise the tension. They may be honest but the way they do it kills our mental composure. This could at times be a reason for resorting to moodiness.

Here are a few tips to avoid or get away from moodiness. This is not an exhaustive list but its a tried and tested one though :).

  • Try to get a good eight hours sleep. Sleep is a remedy for umpteen varieties of problem. Good amount of undisturbed sleep ensures the soundness of our mind.
  • Exercise a lot – a sound healthy body has a sound mind
  • Its a habit for most people to do smalltalk just for the sake of breaking silence or getting away from boredom. This would work out only if the other party is friendly enough. If you are extremely moody personality avoid smalltalk.
  • If you happen to say or do something silly, first accept that humorously. Don’t discuss that too much, any further.
  • If you think, you can’t control yourself from loosing composure, move out to somewhere, so that you can think and gather yourself.
  • Relax[Video] – take deep breaths and loosen yourselves. Learn pranayama – its a good way of releasing mental stress. Try to clear out all thoughts – mind should be a clean slate.
  • Nobody is perfect, we can move on shrugging our shoulders in the face of criticism.
  • Try to visualize about yourself – how you want to look like, create a portrait of yourself.
  • Being a little bit careless is not a bad thing. Sometimes you have to be careless about what others think. Everybody has something to say about things. It doesn’t mean they are all right.
  • Ask yourself what you think about others instead of what others think about you. This will alleviate a lot of tension.
  • List out what is working for you and not about what is not working for you

Shifting one’s attitude is not an easy thing, however going forward with stressful life, self introspection is the order of the day. I hope this series is helpful in someway or the other. Have a nice day 🙂


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