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SelfHelp #1 – Moodiness

December 18, 2007

I have planned to write a few posts on self improvement. These days self-help is in rage – everywhere we see self-help books, self-improvement programs etc. I think one of the reason for this is, nowadays we face a huge society of people everyday both directly and indirectly. Day by day the life gets individualistic and demanding, we are required to be more and more competitive. Most of the people are not prepared for this kind of lifestyle.

Sometime before I posted a popular chicken soup item about bringing up children. The way we grow up, the kind of childhood we had, definitely affects our emotional self. Nowadays, most of us are ‘only’ child to our parents – or we have only one son or daughter. Growing alone does have an impact on the mind. I don’t know I am not a psychiatrist but being only son to my parents, I can see the difference in living with brothers and sisters.

moody.jpgIn this series of posts, I wish to bring forth some of the problems that affect our self and derail our self-improvement. The first one being moodiness. No, this is not about boredom etc.. This is about getting upset or depressed or emotionally unstable. This could a state of total mental depression/breakdown or simply being speechless – at a loss of words. Depending on the event’s closeness to your heart, the moodiness will last for couple of hours to days. I myself, am a very moody person, very sensitive (I used to cry while watching sentimental scenes ) – mere words could set me off.

Sometimes, while chatting with people and if the group doesn’t listen to what I am saying or seem to be ignoring me, I get moody and stop talking. Sometimes, if someone pokes fun at me little bit too much or takes me for granted, I get moody. Even though I behave friendly, somtimes people show unnecessary hostility, unreasonable aversion or unwarranted abusiveness – this most of the time boils my blood to my head and blows my brains out. Apart from these, if I come to know, somebody has been cheating me that really sets me off. Failure is the next big thing that sets me totally off for days.

After doing a bit of research, I found that this is common and there is nothing to worry of being moody… More consoling is the fact that this is not a disease… The fact is I am not alone – people in successful countries are the ones suffering more of this syndrome.

(to be continued… Meanwhile try this Irritable Male Syndrome Quiz and see if you can join my club 🙂 )

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