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Charming sanskrit hymn in cine song

December 5, 2007

Many would have watched this song in our ‘lovable’ captain movie Narasimma. In the middle of the song there is hymn chanting. People would have thought this as some usual voodoo stuff nowadays they use in tamil cinema music. Actually no, it is a stotra of Madhwacharya.

Listen at 3:00.

அம்பர கங்கா சும்பித பாத
பததல விலுலித குருதர சகட:
காளிய நாக க்ஷவேல நிஹன்தா
ஸரஸிஜ நவதள விகஸித நயன:
கால கனாலி கர்புர காய:
ஸர ஸத ஸகலித ஸுரரிபு நிவஹ:
சந்தத மஸ்மான் பாது முராரி:
ஸததக ஸமஜவ கக பதி நிரத:

Even by reading one could feel the rhythm! This hymn is called as Kanduka stuti. Kandukam means a ball – playing ball. The hymn is in that kanduka metre – so that is why it feels like so playful.

The music in this song is also good… I would consider one of the best of Mani sharma

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