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[Devil’s Email] Good guys are fools !

November 21, 2007

Dear friend,

I know you are not yet dead – ‘coz I couldn’t smell you around here. Hope you are not even having any sickness and is very badly healthy as usual. The reason for this letter was to check out your plans to come here and to share some of my thoughts about your world as well.

You know of late, I feel I couldn’t tolerate anymore non-sense, these good guys are making – These goodies (whoever being termed such – by the so-called society) are just dumbasses – They don’t have any life. Let me explain you in a few points:

Only by recent times, the entertainment industry (cinema, television serials) and media (news etc..) have realized that ‘Good guys’ are just impotent and morons! They have corrected themselves and rightly started glorifying omnipotent villains!

Goodies watch a movie and accept all the profanity, bloodshed scenes, nudity, vulgarity… shown are much required for the story – because the director of the movie said so. They see and in fact enjoy all those good stuff and later, neatly forget all that and talk something trivial and useless such as how the hero treats his granny.

Good guys have no social life – they would be always dying for gaining a friend as well as loosing a friend. Good guys are always afraid of their neighbour. They show umpteen quantities of courtesy to other filthy jerks who doesn’t deserve any at all.

Women just love bad boys – because baddies are exciting, handsome, outrageous and spontaneous. Good guys are laid-back dumbasses, don’t have any clue on what needs to be done – always. They expect always somebody else or even the girl herself will help to build or break the relationship. Women always find fault with good boys but forgive bad boys !

You know what – Good guys most of the times, hate their life – the reason being, unbeknownst to them, they are trying to appease so many people only to be failed badly. Most of the time they end up being like an animal in a cage that is getting shaked.

If somebody cheats a goodie, he will sit like a dead duck. He won’t go to the police or ask the help of some goon – because he is afraid of both – whereas a bad guy would just kick some ass then and there.

Even in most of the offices, you can see good guys would be polishing shoes of unworthy potatoes hoping that – that is one of the way to have friendship with collegues, create a congenial environment blah blah and all that – only to get kicked in the ass. I am surprised how they wish they can be good to all people at all times.

Some goodies think they are smart ass and go about giving comments and advice to everybody – they would never realize their legs are being pulled from behind.

Good guys doesn’t have any brains at all – they can’t see the obvious – such as relationship in marriage – between man and a woman starts in money and is strengthened by sex alone – Goodies think it starts in love and strengthened by love alone. Good guys are naive idiots and always expect the other person too are like them. They don’t know there is no love or friendship and its only selfishness or ‘survival of the fittest’ attitude everywhere.

Goodies won’t learn at all – if somebody is climbing up in life – these pumpkin-heads think it is karma or luck – doesn’t retrospect at all – if they did – they would only realize they are just jackasses.

Good guys don’t have a clue on the trend of the new world – they still keep on lamenting about honesty, responsibility, morality, patriotism etc. Yo! guys move on.

Good guys think politics is to help their living. Bad guys have already figured that politics is for making a ‘living’.

Good guys try to solve problems by way of peaceful talk – of which their own cats won’t listen – Bad guys apply the most effective problem-solving thing – “Violence” ! Bad guys know by heart that, Violence is the solution to all and if it is not solving – apply more !

Modesty sucks. Good guys being modest at all times loose most of the opportunity in life – wherein our beloved bad guys take advantage of these modesty shit from other goodies and grab every opportunity to themselves. Baddies don’t shy at all to blow their own trumpets! This sends shivers to all goodies.

Hypocrisy triumphs! Good guys don’t get this into their wooden head with a pea-nut size brain. Bad guys sit in the thrown of hypocrisy and teach all these good fellas about character. Good guys think they are living in ideal world and every body is watching these idiots all the time. When a decision which is profitable to everyone around is to be taken, goodies think too technically to avoid the obvious decision – without any reason .

Good guys are always ready to be guilty – Just by throwing some strong words, you could make a good guy feel guilty – in fact he would come and tender apology – for nothing – its funny!

Good guys don’t have personality at all – if a bad guy is in some neighbourhood, the whole area turns bad but if there is some goodie in there, it is not so! Good guys get affected by personality – that is their dog-like nature, always trying walk in the shades of somebody – appease others – listening to advices. Bad guys are personalities themselves – you know that is why only baddies get all the cheers!

Some good guys are religious freaks – they don’t know the baseline of religion is only hatred – Good guys will never realize one can be spiritual but not religious. Good guys being stupid vouch for the religion – which is more of a society of goodies and baddies – when the religion fails in standards that they think those it should uphold – they only get slottered – or become depressed, for no fault of them or their belief. On the contrary, there are other goodies who are atheists as well – but these atheist folks too have to suffer and put up with lot of shit because they don’t throw stones at or kick these religious freaks.

Oops, its late – This good guy – bad guy thing is like the characteristics of the two bunch of guys – Jedis – Dark Force in Star Wars and will go forever – I got to go now…

See ya!

Yours gleefully,
The Devil !

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  1. Rajesh permalink
    November 25, 2007 10:01 am

    Some of the points are practical. This can be smart vs dumb ?

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