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My love for Wristwatch

November 10, 2007

Even after so many innovations and several assaults on this nice little gadget thingy – wristwatch, it is still in the game – very much alive and ticking. Probably it can be said, the prominent jewellery for the gentleman and am sure, any guy would be pleased to receive it as a gift. Girls, not to mention would like it but I feel it is still a guy thing.

My cousin once asked me, how can you find the difference between electronic and a mechanical (analog) watch (mechanical watch is the one in which you have to give key windings every day), by just looking at it? I couldn’t break this puzzle for a long time. If you don’t know, read till the end 🙂

It also brings to my memory, during snowy days, my father’s wrist watch would acquire snow in the middle portion of the dial. We light a match stick and move it near the dial – so that the snow evoparates. Those were the times :).

My uncle who was a heavy duty worker, had a wrist watch that self-winds by his hand movement – pretty nifty. He presented me a wrist watch which has a hologram in it – a girl picture in the middle would twinkle her eyes – wow!.

3.jpg 2.jpg1.jpg

Due to the interventions of cellphone, the innovations in wristwatch has somewhat diminished. I am not forgetting the innovations such as including light powered watch (Citizen eco-drive etc.), including bluetooth etc.

Let me put on my thinking hat, and here are my ideas for future wristwatches:

  • Wrist watches could include flash drives and could enable storage via USB technology !
  • Using this flash drive, these could include voice recorder etc.
  • Use of wireless technology (such as bluetooth) for data transfer – for example copying clip board items etc.
  • Heavy duty watches could include, nail cutter, soda opener etc.
  • Digitally slide and show world times
  • Showing stock quotes, advertisements, weather etc.
  • Blood pressure, temperature, sugar level checking feature
  • Synchronizing time with another watch
  • Watches could become access cards in offices etc.

What else can we think of?

Well, it already feels like I can apply for Mr.Q’s position :))

Oh, forgot it, how can you find the difference between an electronic powered vs mechanical powered analog watch by just looking at it? Well, mechanical watch moves the second hand continuously in smooth motion, unlike the electronic watch which snaps the second hand exactly per second.

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