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Do the BLOG to cheat the CLOCK!

October 18, 2007

Today I happen to join couple of guys at lunch time, while they were discussing about blogs. One wondered “Why people write blogs? I mean, what is the real purpose? All my thinking was, in the web, you can do two things, one – make money, two – seek opposite sex. Other than this what else could be the reason?”. This made the second guy furious and he frowned on him “Jerk!”.

I middled in between “Hei C’mon, he is only telling his views. what you mean by calling him jerk?” – The angry guy complained “This guy is a jerk.. he can’t appreciate life.. feelings… etc.”

Well, I couldn’t say anything. The conversation went on but no good reason came up for the sake of blogging. Ultimately one of them moved away saying “that guy is yearning for some social bull s#!t recognition it seems” and the other guy left saying “You can’t explain what ‘beauty’ is, to some jerks”.

So seriously why do we blog? I have been writing blog posts for quite some time. Even then, I can’t put forth any good reason for doing this – it remains as a tendency in me, thats all – no big propositions. Then doing a search I came across this post. May be what the blogger says is true – blogs do help me think better and deeper.

Having mulled it over for a while, as usual I indulged myself into some of my own way thinking – I know this may sound crazy to some of you fellas – but I am in no mood to justify before all those ‘impossible people‘ out there.

My thought is, we have a rather very small lifetime – although we have enough time to roam in fantasy and dreams – it is not always possible for us to actually bring that dream to reality – so sowing some seeds of thought (by writing blogs) might help some unknown person who may actually implement it – in that way our dream comes true!

One might say, as a corollary, the greater scientific inventions are for the betterment of a family living in a cube, wouldn’t you agree? In a way, not by ourselves but in our lifetime our idea may become reality – So isn’t it possible that we can actually cheat the clock by doing the blog ?! 🙂

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  1. sangs permalink
    October 29, 2007 1:15 pm

    food for thought .Truly,i’m wondering why I am blogging ! I started ‘cos a few of my friends started 😛 But whats making me continue is a mystery.Have to think about that 😉

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