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Hyderabad blasts

August 26, 2007

Yet again the terrorism has struck heavily in hyderabad. There are various claims that range from 40 to 60 people have died. Many states have gone on full alert. Politicians including Advani, Shivraj patil and others are visiting hyderabad. The Chief Minister announced an Rs 5 lakhs to each family of the blast victims, government jobs and Rs 20,000 for the injured.

Its horrible that the terrorists have used chemicals like ammonium nitrate and also ballbarings (iron balls) to make the human loss even bigger. The police and investigation team could possibly gain more clues as from the news it seems that ammonium nitrate chemical (Neogel-90) is manufactured locally in very few factories.

As usual there will be a blaming spree – the state government blaming the center – the central government blaming the earlier governments – politicians blaming other politicians. And the investigation would take forever – even if they wrap up soon, the judicial process will take many more years.

As atlantean has pointed out in his blog, politicians keep reminding us that we are a peaceful people who should exercise restraint and not react. I can understand that if there are reactions that amount to communal riots – then the terrorists win. However it is painful to know that our government which is bound to react on these issues seems to be really sleeping.

In India there is no concept of Terrorism insurance. May be its time that we also get one such. Not that we will get money from the insurance company – but at least the insurance company might do some counter-terrorism activity (in addition to the government).

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  1. atlantean permalink
    August 26, 2007 3:36 pm

    Terrorism insurance… nice concept! It can have a big market in India. The govt. will help the business flourish by its sheer inactivity!

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